Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have made their way to Rwanda to visit the East African country. The royal journey will be organized by the 7. By 11. November 2019 will take place and will include various official dates and events.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla’s trip to Rwanda is a sign of the strong relationship between Britain and the African continent. Rwanda is an important partner for the UK in East Africa and the royal visit will help further strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

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Low interest rates bring joy to many people, as they allow cheap loans and at least do not shrink their savings. But there are also losers from this interest rate policy: those who have to save money to make their tax payments.

For years, there has been a set amount in this country at which the tax office calculates the interest rate one must pay if one has to pay back taxes or has overpaid back taxes. This sum is independent of the actual interest rates paid on the market. Consequently, the rates are often higher than the rates charged on the market.

To pay off expensive rental properties or realize the dream of owning your own home, low-cost loans are still an attractive option. Despite increasing real estate prices and the current low-interest phase, there are numerous offers with extremely low interest rates on the market.

However, precise planning and preparation of home financing is essential in order to benefit from the advantages of favorable loans. In addition to clarifying creditworthiness and credit standing, the various offers from banks and construction finance providers should also be compared in detail.