20 Years of solar energy at ggs walheim

GGS Walheim can proudly look back on 20 years of using solar energy. Since installing its first solar panels in 2001, the school has learned and achieved a lot. From sowing to harvesting, the solar panels on the school’s roofs help generate clean energy.

Using solar energy is one of the cleanest and most sustainable ways to meet our energy needs. The school contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and has thus made an important contribution to climate protection. But not only that, students learn about sustainable energy production and become more aware of protecting our environment.

The solar energy project at GGS Walheim was a successful step towards sustainability. Without the support of entrepreneurs and founders who are committed to renewable energy, such a project would not be possible. Together we can make an important impact on our environment by using alternative energy sources and striving for a sustainable future.

The history of solar energy at GGS Walheim

20 years ago, the Walheim Community Elementary School (GGS) decided to switch to solar energy to contribute to climate protection. The process began with the installation of a total of 24 solar modules on the roof of the school building and the purchase of an inverter to feed the electricity generated into the public grid.

In the years that followed, the solar panels enabled the school not only to meet its own electricity needs, but also to generate enough electricity to feed into the public power grid and thus make a profit. Due to this success, more solar modules were added in the following years.

Today, the GGS Walheim has a total of 96 solar modules, which cover around 35.000 kWh per year. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of about 14 households and saves about 8 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

  • The project was realized with financial support from the city of Walheim and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • GGS Walheim has received numerous awards for its commitment to renewable energies.
  • The school has also developed an educational program to teach students about solar energy and sustainability.
20 Years of solar energy at ggs walheim

GGS Walheim has shown that schools can also contribute to the energy transition and that renewable energies are a sustainable and economical alternative to conventional energy generation.

The benefits of solar energy at GGS Walheim

GGS Walheim has been using solar energy for 20 years, and with great success. The sun not only provides clean energy, but also many benefits for the school.

  • By installing solar panels, the school has been able to drastically reduce its CO2 emissions.
  • Energy costs have dropped, saving the school money on education and equipment.
  • The solar energy supply makes the school independent from fossil fuels and thus stabilizes the energy supply.

In addition, the students can better understand solar energy and learn more about renewable energies. The school even has its own working group for renewable energy and various projects to raise awareness of sustainability.

In summary, solar energy at GGS Walheim is not only environmentally friendly, but also has economic and educational benefits.

The future of solar energy at GGS Walheim

This year, GGS Walheim celebrates its 20th anniversary in the field of solar energy. Much has happened in recent years and the future of solar energy looks promising.

The school pursues the goal to cover a part of its daily energy consumption by renewable energies. As a result, numerous solar panels have been installed on the school grounds in recent years.

  • The roofs of the main building have been equipped with photovoltaic modules,
  • a solar thermal system is available in the schoolyard,
  • Solar carports are located in the school’s parking lot; and
  • There is a solar charging port for electric vehicles in the schoolyard.

By investing in solar energy, GGS Walheim is making an important contribution to environmental protection and promoting a change in thinking among students and teachers alike. In the future, further measures will be taken to increase the share of renewable energies and to further reduce CO2 emissions.

Thus, the future of solar energy at GGS Walheim remains strong and will continue to bring further positive changes.

Impact of solar energy on the community

The introduction of solar energy at GGS Walheim 20 years ago has significantly changed the impact on the community. The school carried out a showcase project at the time by drawing its energy from solar panels. It was a clear step towards an environmentally conscious future, which also spilled over into the community.

The impact on the community not only manifested itself in terms of environmentally conscious action, but also had a major impact on community awareness. The educational work carried out at the school attracted many people, who from then on also looked into the topic of solar energy and examined its use in their everyday lives. Thus, many solar systems have also been installed on a private level.

  • Impact on the environment
  • Raising awareness
  • Education through the school
  • Solar installations in private households

Today, 20 years later, the introduction of solar energy at GGS Walheim continues to have a significant impact on the community. The school has further strengthened its commitment to sustainability and continues to serve as a showcase for many businesses and schools that also want to get involved with renewable energy.

Overall, it can be said that the impact on the community through the introduction of solar energy at GGS Walheim has been and still is sustainable and positive.

The importance of solar energy at GGS Walheim

The GGS Walheim has been a pioneer in sustainable energy production for 20 years. Especially the use of solar energy has gained in importance in the last decades. The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy and its use is environmentally friendly and conserves resources.

The GGS Walheim recognized early on the potential of solar energy and therefore installed a solar system on the school building as early as 2000. Since then, the school has been producing a large part of its own electricity requirements, thus saving a lot of money.

However, the importance of solar energy at GGS Walheim goes beyond cost savings. Students are actively involved in the topic of energy production and sustainability. They learn how important it is to rely on renewable energies and how they can make their own contribution to environmental protection.

  • The solar energy system of the GGS Walheim has the following advantages:
  • environmentally friendly
  • conserving resources
  • cost-saving
  • Actively integrates students into the topic of energy production and sustainability

The importance of solar energy at GGS Walheim will continue to grow in the future. The school is already planning further investments in this area and would like to inspire even more people for the topic of sustainability and renewable energies.

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